Driverz Inc. is a community of racing and car fans. We offer a collection of NFT’s on the Flow Blockchain. The Genesis Driverz NFT Collection is a Formula 1 inspired racing profile picture set featured on the Gaia marketplace. 5,500 Driverz come packed with utility for their holders.

The popularity of F1 racing has sky rocketed in recent times due to the "Drive To Survive" Netflix series, and there has been a massive push by F1 to grow the sport to be even more global. The lack of racing related projects pushed the founders to bring new and old fans of racing together.

Owner's benefits include: Royalties, Driverz Racing League, Fantasy Formula 1, race day live streams, airdropped collectibles, Web3Wear merchandise store, rarity tool, giveaways, 3D wearables, IRL events and more!

Looking for royalties?! 3D Captain Driverz NFTs come equipped with a 25% royalty share from the Driverz secondary market sales. No captain, no problem, grab 25 Driverz NFTs and receive a 20% royalty share from the secondary market sales. All royalties are paid out quarterly.

Want to learn more about our Genesis Driverz or future collections? Head to our website at:

We hope you will join us at the finish line! Vroom Vroom.

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A collection of energetic Driverz ready to Vroom Vroom on FLOW.

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