Dugout Dawgz



Whacky Baseball prospects with an attitude, 8424 DugoutDawgzNFT trading and merging to become the top dawg.

Dugout perks

  • First 500 pre-sale Participants receive: 2 tickets to a baseball game + MERCH VOUCHER!

  • All pre-sale Participants receive: Airdrop of batting gloves!

  • All public sale Participants receive: MERCH VOUCHER!


  • Every prospect that is held in your wallet will grant you 1 gear card and 1 ability card air drop.

Post Merger

Airdrop of cleats and DugoutDawgz season ticket per merged prospect.


You will take your dawg to be fitted permanently with your desired gear and abilities to create a PRO ready for the big leagues.

Merger will take one prospect, gear card, and ability card to combine them forever, so choose wisely dawgz!

(This will be a required step in order to receive additional airdrops and participate in the game and staking utility)

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