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Gaia Elements







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A unique and groundbreaking experience on Gaia!


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What are Gaia Elements?
A new way to experience Gaia and NFT packs. Earn Element Cards by completing the Seize The Moment challenge or by trading them on the secondary market. Then stand back and watch the unique power of Gaia Elements gradually unfold for you.

Bonus Rewards
If you participated and won a Gaia Elements pack during the "Seize The Moment" challenge and are holding ELEMENT cards at the time of the snapshot (2 weeks after packs release), you will win your share of superb corresponding digital collectibles! All rewards will be airdropped to you. Each individual symbol found on the Element Cards equals an amazing bonus reward.

Gaia Elements - Series 1
Airdropping to winners of the “Seize The Moment” challenge.

Is a Gaia Elements pack tradeable? No.

Are Gaia Elements NFTs tradeable? Yes.

When will the bonus airdrops happen? 7-14 days after the packs are airdropped.

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