Meta Panda Club

Description of collection: Building the largest basketball community in web3.

About Meta Panda Club

Our vision is to Create the world’s largest decentralized basketball community for the metaverse and physical world.

Not your average JPEG NFT projects.

Packed with utilities: We believe having tangible utilities is the key to ignite the passion of basketball globally: be it physical merchandise, membership access to special venues, VIP tickets to games, metaverse integration, or offline meetups with your favorite players. Art will still be an integral part of the club, but not the main utility.

Creating value for all: players, fans, teams, and leagues. It’s one thing to participate in one game, it’s another to own a piece of the game, a team, the entire league and even the NBA.

Initiated by world-renowned Metta World Peace and other NBA players, Meta Panda Club is aimed at building the world’s largest basketball community, uniting pro players, basketball teams, leagues, and fans. Starting with our Genesis drop of 10,000 Meta Panda NFTs, we strive to bring fans and players closer than ever in the web3 era. For many fans, MPC will be their first attempt into the web3 and NFT era, and we know that having tangible utilities will encourage them to participate, in addition to a cool piece of digital art. Just like basketball games, MPC also has strong roots in the physical world, and this drop, along with all future NFT drops will combine both virtual and physical elements.

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