NBA Top Shot


NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot is live on Gaia!

Trade the most iconic moments in Flow and earn points towards the “Seize The Moment” challenge.


Life is measured in moments, and so is basketball. Now you can buy, sell, trade or simply assemble your favorite NBA Top Shot Moments right here on Gaia. Seize the moment, join a worldwide community of fans and collectors, and be part of sports history by owning official digital collectibles of the NBA’s and WNBA’s most extraordinary, renowned and pivotal plays and players.

Only Gaia offers you these exclusive features:

Bulk Listing / Delisting

Gaia Packs

1,000 packs available

  • 1 Sneakerz

  • 10% chance of a Ballerz

  • Exciting additional content to be announced!

Challenges and Rewards

"Seize the Moment" Challenge. More details coming soon.

No additional fees

There will be no additional trading fee on top of the 5% NBA Top Shot fee. For a limited time

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Collection Image
Collection Image
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