NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot

Now you can buy, sell, and trade your favorite NBA Top Shot Moments right here on Gaia! Be a part of sports history by owning these extraordinary collectibles.

The NBA made history by becoming the very first Major Sports League to take the leap into web3. Through a partnership with Dapper Labs, they created NBA Top Shot with digital collectible “Moments”, which are short video highlights from actual NBA games. This allows you to own some of the NBA’s greatest highlight reels.

NBA Top Shot demonstrated a huge upgrade in sports collectibles, not just because you don’t worry about getting gum stuck to your cards anymore! They also proved that we can support our favorite teams & athletes from home, expanding the many ways we engage in the action as fans.

Now NBA Top Shot & Dapper labs have expanded their market by listing these NFTs here on the Gaia Marketplace. We are thrilled to bring this massive collection set to your fingertips with our one-of-a-kind marketplace features you won’t find anywhere else; from bulk listing/delisting, activity feed sniping, and tons more.

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NBA Top Shot: Officially Licensed Digital Collectibles. Trade the most iconic Moments in $FLOW.

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