SNKRHUD is an NFT-based playground for sneakerheads based in Earth-326, a post-apocalyptic world where sneakers rule. Here, your kicks are your currency. They establish your status in the community, earning Tags and increasing your Level. Create personal digital collectibles, called DED Stock (Digitally Enabled Dopeness), based on photos you take of your shoes. Your trusted Side Kick uses available DED Stock (whether created or purchased) to unlock Bot-to-Bot Battles, winning SNKRCred and upgrades for your Battle Bots in the quest of building your ultimate sneaker legacy. All you need to start is a pair of kicks and your power to Create, Collect & Compete.

Our team is made up of veteran entrepreneurs, designers, developers, and dreamers. Our CEO previously founded INDMUSIC, a music rights administration organization acquired by Live Nation, most known for working behind the scenes of the “Harlem Shake” viral meme. Our CXO won the WPP Atticus Award in Brand Experience with a thought piece on the crossovers of Gaming Mechanics and Marketing. The development team has built countless games and applications over the years, but most notable was Paydro, the largest live-gaming app in Southeast Asia.

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The survival of Sneaker Culture depends on a few, brave animal companions called Side Kicks, equipped with iconic sneaker and streetwear-inspired pieces.

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